Welcome and Guidelines

Hi, we are here to find out how to keep our analog meters in Siskiyou County.  Please take a moment to read these guidelines.  If you agree, welcome here.  If not, please find another venue.

  • Ask for info.  Give info.
  • Ask for help.  Give help.
  • No flaming.  No despair.

That’s it.  Your posts and comments are welcome, we can do great things together.  Let’s all see this as working, even when it might appear not to be, because we can achieve more together than alone, and if we don’t give up.

How to Use This blog:

We’re new to this WordPress setup.  What we know so far:

  • To follow the blog, enter your email address and click the follow button at the right, just below the pink dogwood.
  • Anyone can comment.
  • You sign up as an author to post.  Use the ‘Contact Us’ page to send us your email; we’ll send you an invitation.
  • Comments that are unrelated to the posts will either be moved or deleted, as necessary.
  • Please let us know:
    • If you find spam
    • If you find a broken link
    • If you find something offensive, or out of place.


USE OF THIS SITE DEPENDS ON AGREEMENT WITH OUR DISCLAIMER: The information provided here comes from many independent sources.  We are not able to verify all of it, you will need to conduct your own research to decide what is true and correct.
This blog, and its administrators, posters, commenters, and followers, accept no legal responsibility or liability for any actions anyone may choose to take, based on, or influenced by, material or links posted here.  Your actions are your own.

This website is intended to help advance knowledge and stimulate further research. While all reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure the validity of the information given, no warranty is given towards its accuracy. It is not intended to substitute for medical or legal advice nor as a final statement with regard to possible prevention and avoidance recommendations or potential biological effects. No liability is accepted by the authors for damages arising from its use or misuse and interpretation by others. All references to smart meters refer to wireless devices, which may vary in their emissions.  



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