How to fill out the Long Opt-Out Form

Here are the names and addresses for your long opt-out form:

Fill -In Info for local Opt Out forms_1.07.15

This is a document format, will post PDF format soon.

The main page for this process is here.


Real World Assessment of Smart Meters and Moving Quickly Beyond This Basic Part of the Issue

Shared by a contributor:

“Hope this helps clarify some of the serious problems with these meters. I am going with the people who seem to have no vested interest in lying to us (57 counties, cities or towns have passed some sort of ban or resolution to halt the installations of these meters in California. ”

In regards to a private letter opinion, I disagree with, “I believe this would be acceptable technology.”
From all the research I have done so far, including watching the award wining documentary, Take Back Your Power, I agree with the following experts who don’t appear to have any vested interest and are not on the industry payroll.

1) According to “real world assessment” Smart Meters and their equivalents are not producing any savings whatsoever. Pilot Smart Meter programs do not save energy what so ever. According to Lisa Madigan, Illinois Attorney General says, “The utilities have shown no evidence of billions of dollars of benefits to consumers from these new meters, but they have shown they know how to profit. I think the only question is: How dumb do they think we are?”
2) Homeowners and residents can no longer self monitor their own water usage as would be possible with the analog meters. Thus, it makes it harder for folks who have seen their utility bills rise, to challenge the utility companies. Utility bills have risen across the country. San Diego Gas and Electric customer’s bills show what the Utilities don’t want YOU to know. On the average a 50% increase after installation of smart meter technology. And some unfortunate folks in the film, Take Back Your Power had their bills rise by 2 to 3 times. In the film it showed, 1500 folks in California complained that their electricity bill went way up? My aunt had her power analog meter changed out and before she even knew that occurred (they just went in without her permission or knowledge) she wondered why her power bills rose noticeably? This same story is all over the worldwide net.

3) Citizens across the “Smart meters are NOT green. the manufacturing and operation of millions of power-consuming “smart” meters and data centers to store your private info is increasing carbon and microwave pollution. No power decrease can be independently attributed to “smart” meters.” ~

4) According to CIA Director James Woolsey he said, “The so-called Smart Grid, which is as vulnerable as we get, is a really, really stupid grid.” His concerns are that hackers can break into the systems and turn off large grid systems and that is really, really dangerous. My concern is you may have a neighbor who may be able to do the same thing and monkey with your digital readings. Too much centralized power in the hands of a few, at the federal, state or even at a hackers level.

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Smart Meter Surveillance: Are Your TV and Appliances Also Watching You?

Please Understand That This “Meter” Issue Goes Far, Far Beyond Health Concerns
This stronger statement comes from one author, who takes full responsibility for its tone.
Others may or may not approve, for which I apologize. Time grows short, and I witness a lot of lethargy,withf which we can all
fail miserably in the pursuit of happiness!It is not our/my desire to frighten, but to truly inform and to work together
most joyfully, based on belief in good prevailing in the long term, and successes of (active enough) groups/ communities around the globe.
As one author accurately state, if everyone gave a few mins here and there, and others called to do so a bit more, everything would work just fine, and that is a lot more true to what is likely to occur/be possible for people.

We must come to know this is more than whether you care abou tbeing radiated 24/7.
Lots of folks think that is just fine, actually. /.. because there is a lack of understanding about the
real purposes of the instruments, your smart apliances, and so forth.
Also, there is little understandig of power bills increasing by up to a thousand percent, with the Grid.
Also already happenig.
It tears me to speak these things, but can I hide them from you and still serve you? Not unless I want to see you blind-sided.
Many of you are older like myself. We care about the environment, and the next generations and nature. We can “hop to it!”, as my mother would have said! It is not your genearl petition on save the—fill in the blanks. It is now and it entails all we know and have.

A total takeover of health and privacy must be prevented, by everyone, now, worldwide.
It is already largely in place! And while we sit at Starbucks and watch football, life as we knew and want it is dissolving fast.
It is not paranoia, it is fact, in progress–and rapidly–as stated by the very military and government of this former “Land of the Free.
This is not aimed at a country with whom we are at war, but at us and at the whole world.
You have kids, pets, and your own life and interests… Try and keep them, and a planet to have them on.

Please watch Take Back Your Power, right now.

and also this free 3 min pc.! on Who is Watching You, How and Why

“What makes the government think they can usher us into a totalitarian state?”
Foster Gamble, creator of Thrive
They observe and count on our passivity and blind trust!:
Being uninterested and uneducated, gullible to Pacific Power’s varying tales, and trusting local leaders who also refuse to get informed and then make decisions for us, and the water utilities/meters (surveillance instruments) headed for Mt. Shasta shortly, and others making money on this grid. I would like to see a show of hands of coucil members in our area cities who have taken on responsibility to self and community by understanding these great and imminent issues over the past years as their constituents have taken the responsibility to a degree. Sad to call that Leadership. Thanks to those who have, by the way, done so, and supported at least weak protections in MS City. Let’s just rely on tender loving care from PP, Crystal Geyser, and the US??
Hitler took over one country in 3 days, no bloodshed.
People did not see it coming, not even the tanks..
.Let’s not get rolled over ‘ cuz we are just
too…Whatever…to stand up for our privacy, health, and safety. All the help you need is right here, and in our links.
There are great successes, worldwide.
Let’s have one here in the Mt. Shasta region/Siskiyou. Please Follow and stay with us till our rights
are actually real, and our lives are our own. We can do it together, with love for all humanity and nature. We must do it Now.
The grid is being built while we play, party, work, watch irrelevan movies, ignore it out of fear or ignorance, and sleep.
It does not get distracted.
Let’s Wake Up, and reclaim all that is dear to us as people with choice. I love you dearly, and wish you happy, persistent Presence in saying No, thanks! as often as necessary.

Local Advocate Offering Services and Educational Info Links

Neil Cohen has generously given permission to at times sharesome of his own materials here.Thanks to him for all the work he has done for such causes in our area!

He stated to me in his allowance that in no way does he mean to suggest we begin personal implementation of EMF meter shielding technologies without full, appropriate professional service assessment of individual situations AND then following what are very specific, important steps so it is actually assisting us.

As always, please note our blog’s full disclaimer, and be advised accordingly: Your decisions and actions are your own responsibility. The providers of the blog info intend these posts for educational purposes and do not endorse or guarantee services or products/links mentioned herein.

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Friends, do me a favor…please don’t be one of those people who say: "I don’t feel any bad effects from my wireless modem or cell phone." Nobody consciously monitors or assesses the biological responses taking place in their bodies on a cellular level! Whether you feel the effects of the wireless or not, has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that the radiation is detrimental to the health of all people!

Even if you don’t read this article, please just read the few paragraphs below, it will tell you all you need to know:

Can you imagine the horror of having 10 miscarriages? All the time you have to hold it together as you are teaching your classes, carrying on your health practice and being a loving wife.

Our next guest (excerpt from an interview Neil did) lived this nightmare until she realized what was causing the problem. Her exposure to EMF radiation in her home environment was pushing her over the edge. Even with her wonderful diet and strong immune system, she couldn’t bring a baby to term.

Until she and her husband moved and cleaned up the dirty electricity getting rid of their so called "smart’ meter, cordless phone and WiFi. Now they are a happy family with three healthy children.

Neil Steven Cohen
Tel: (530) 918-8443 / (877) 277-6075
SourcePoint Global Outreach
Psycho-Spiritual Integrative Awakening
Integrative Awakening YouTube Channel
EMF Assessment and Remediation
EMF Safety Zone YouTube Channel
Healthy, Joyful, Sustainable Living eBay Store
SmartShield360 EMF Protection Technology

‘Non-Transmitting’ Digital Meters: Still A Serious Problem

This information was forwarded to me by a Siskiyou County resident:

Recently a friend told me she called Pacific Power and spoke to a PP representative named Kristy [the ‘Metering Manager’ — Admin22] who told her that, “analog meters are on their way out.”  This is not what Kristy told me when I called; she said “we will only replace your analog meter if there are safety concerns regarding meter readers (such as difficult access or dogs) and that they would notify the customer first.” 

She also told my friend that, “there is no opting out on the non-transmitting meters.”  She didn’t tell me this.  Pacific Power’s responses seem to change from caller to caller. In the film, Take Back Your Power, they spoke about the problem with the switched mode power supply, which creates dirty electricity throughout your home, and apparently even the non-transmitting meters have this feature [switched mode power supply] built into them also.  Please see this post from:

What about ‘digital’ meters that don’t contain radio transmitters? Utilities, in responding to a medical complaint, sometimes offer to install a “non-transmitting digital meter” such as the Centron meter by Itron.  Don’t be fooled.  There is a reason the utility is offering you this instead of the safe and time-tested analog meter.  These digital meters are just another kind of ‘smart meter’.  They can make you sick too because of the ‘switched mode power supply’ they contain, and they also invade your privacy.  The only difference is your data may be downloaded monthly by a meter reader using the optical port on the face of the meter.

It is important to keep our eyes on the ball here.  Pacific Power is saying conflicting things to people who call.  Please post what Pacific Power said to you in the comments. We have to keep each other informed of how many different versions they are saying to different people.

The key thing to remember is that they are telling you their policy.  It is not the law, and considering that conflicting statements can’t all be true, it is not the truth.  We can and will pursue our rights here: public health, private property, and privacy are all key.

Take Back Your Power: Trailer, Links, Purchase, Watch Online

You can stream Take Back Your Power for $4.95 here, or buy the DVD for $19.95 here.   The money is a small thanks for all the work that went into making this documentary and giving us all the tools and information to make a difference on this.

Your most effective steps are:

  • Learn a bit,
  • Opt Out correctly with indicated paperwork and calls,
  • Share to inform others, and …

    Frequently, joyfully, affirm that the highest Good for all Life inevitably and invariably prevails, and hang out in that feeling often! Say it, sing it, chant it … That may be the single most powerful thing anyone can do.

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Opt Out Document “Fill-In-the Officials Names” Will Soon Be Provided Here

It appears that it may be helpful to provide the names of the various officials that must be filled in on the long/most protection-to-you Opt-Out form. It takes some research, so watch for it to appear here within a few days. You may have already done it yourself, or simply mailed in the short form.

Ideally, you want the long form with the appropriate legal language sent out to these several agencies. Your power company and your local governments are taking no or little responsibility for your health, often denying risks of these classified class 2 carcinogens, despite all scientific documentation.
Simple fact: The Power companies get commissions to place meters, see the post on the $11 million provided just for that in the US and $40+ Million in Europe. There is a much larger agenda of the worldwide grid, and our health is not part of it.

We are the only ones who can do anything to prevent these meters be installed in our homes,

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Smart AMR Water Meters Coming to Mount Shasta, Unless . . .

FYI, at the special meeting of the Mt. Mount Shasta City Council on Dec. 16th, they  are considering AMR/smart meters and AMI/smart meters for the type meter to be installed for water metering.
Two council members are saying that there will be an opt out, so people need to start going to City Council meetings and stressing the importance of this.  [The next meeting is Monday, January 12, 2015, at 5:30.] 

It’s in the Mt. Shasta Herald today [12.24.14]. You can click below for the links for Page 1 with continuation on Page 9.  Emphasis added (yellow highlighting).

This issue is moving fast (approximately 6 weeks to the end of the environmental review), so please go speak about how important the opt-out is on this Water Meter Issue.  Letters to the Editor and Council meeting attendance will be very helpful.

Are we noticing how bizarre this schedule is?

  • November 12, 2014: grants were awarded
  • December 16, 2014: special City Council meeting is called
  • December 24, 2014: this article appeared in the Mt. Shasta Herald
  • February 11, 2015: Advertising for bids begins (and environmental clearances must be complete about this time also, ending the time for public input)
  • April 1, 2015: Construction (or in the case of the smart meters, installation begins)
  • October 15, 2015: Construction must be complete per terms of the grants, and “to beat the snow”.

Maybe they need to beat the snow for the ‘supply line replacement’ project, but not for the smart water meters!  Wait a minute!

The grants were awarded on November 12th, followed by two regularly scheduled City Council meetings on November 24th, and December 8th.  With that schedule, why was the water smart meter project primarily (or perhaps solely) discussed at a special meeting on December 16th?  Does a special meeting have different public notice requirements that kept more people from finding out about this in time to come and make our concerns known?

Then the article in the Mt. Shasta Herald about the December 16th meeting was important enough to put on Page 1 above the fold, but not important enough to publish until December 24th, Christmas Eve, when people are a little busy?  Pardon me if I’m a little skeptical about this big rush for projects on an “aggressive schedule”.  But it seems that it would be very easy to reduce public comment through these factors.  Obviously the supply line replacement is the big deal, and the smart meters are just a little thing — unless you happen to care about public health and private property.  Perhaps some of these factors are incidental, but they are still adding up to a significantly reduced opportunity for normal public discourse on a highly controversial and dangerous device, to be put on each residence and business.   And this is all being done because we will lose the grant money if we don’t comply with these exact deadlines.  Wow, that’s a sweet deal!  Please hurry up and EMF/RF poison my family, plants, and animals, and make sure you get paid to do it.  Come on, people, let’s learn more about this and see what we can do to change it. 

It is also a matter of serious concern that Tom Moore, (one of the two city council members who was advocating for us to have an opt-out plan, to keep our analog water meters) has died, unfortunately.  [We have been grateful for his advocacy in the past, and our condolences go to his family.]  Who will replace him on the City Council?

Those in the know: please comment below.







Dr. Klinghardt’s Quick Course in Smart Meters and EMFs

This is a 45-minute must-see interview. The doctor gives you a crash course in smart meters, EMF’s and how we can protect our health and our families’ health. Dr. Klinghardt is gold! He runs an institute in Seattle, Washington where half of his patients have been diagnosed with autism, the other half have chronic diseases caused by over-exposure to electromagnetic fields. He has had great successes with treating his patients. He is a doctor with conscience and has empowering information on how we can take back our health and our right to live in healthy and safe environments.

Also encourage you to watch the documentary, Take Back Your Power. It is a game changer, it has the ability to open minds and hearts. It is also a 10!  You can stream it or buy the DVD to share with neighbors and friends.  Here is the link to the updated trailer.

P.S. Most people don’t even know if their analog meters have been changed out with smart meters. You may be one of them. For more info go to: Which meter do I have?

Local advocates working to update Mt. Shasta Resolution


, ,

At the bottom of this post is the meter Resolution of the Mt. Shasta City Council in January 2012.   Please let us know (via comments or the ‘Contact Us’ page), dates and times for any City Council meetings where we should all attend and testify.

A few points:

  •  Many of the other 57 local governments in California which have stopped smart meters have stronger protections than we do.  The current Resolution is only until an opt-out plan is in place.  We need to encourage the City Council to keep analog meters and pursue removing existing smart meters, as a danger to public health.
  • Please share the existing Resolution to all that are concerned and have them attach it to their Opt Out letters to Pacific Power.  A link to download and print the Resolution is at the bottom of this post.
  • Notice the Resolution says Smart Meter and/or its equivalent. They would not say AMR, which was pressed for, however I do believe “the equivalent” wording will cover AMRs.  Perhaps we can get improved wording in an updated resolution.

Also, friends send your Opt Out letters (click here) via certified mail to Pacific Power so that you will get a notice back and then do keep that notice.

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