Which meter do I have?

Is Your Current Meter Analog or Digital?













You can enlarge each image by clicking on it; to get back to this page, click your browser’s back arrow (usually a left arrow near the address bar).

What if you have a smart meter already? You can find out more at our great sister site,  www.stopsmartmeters.org . The link will bring you to their FAQs page, which has basic information, plus a link about removing your smart meter.  (Please read our legal disclaimer here.)

Thanks for the images, which came from www.stopsmartmeters.org .

What else can I do?

Consider getting a Radiation Analyzer Meter, which you can buy directly from the stopsmartmeters Store and support all their pioneering work on this.  Using this will help you educate yourself on all the things this Analyzer measures, all types of EMFs and ‘dirty electricity’.  Maybe you have one or two friends or neighbors who would like to buy it with you (currently about $140 – $150).  Even more than ever, Knowledge is Power ;-)


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