Action Items

Contact Pacific Power: opt out


Is Your Current Meter Analog or Digital:  click here.

Contact the PUC: comment, even though the December 18th hearing is over, they still need to keep hearing from us.  The Ecological Options Network, a Marin consumer watchdog group, attended their bi-weekly business meetings many times since 2010, to keep the issue on the PUC agenda.  Our comments to them can do that too.

Talk to your neighbors: give them the link to this site, so they can educate themselves and take informed action.

Sign this petition: to get IARC ( International Agency for Research on Cancer) and the World Health Organization (United Nations health agency) to move Radio Frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to Class 1, “Carcinogenic to Humans”.  Let’s show our numbers here.  Even if you don’t personally have the scientific training or knowledge to prove this, shouldn’t IARC and WHO be listening to the people who do?  Please sign.


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