James at Couch Critics has kindly accepted a DVD of Take Back Your Power.

He will feature a display upfront in an area of the store for the free rentals like this, Blue Gold, (get the scoop on water/meters) GMO’s, and other currently critical documentaries.

A DVD has also been given to the Mt. Shasta Library.
Big Thanks to organizers and the library Friend whose volunteer time helped make possible the well-attended screening last eve.  [and big thanks to Admins 2 and 3 who bought the DVDs and are showing and sharing them ~Admin 22]

Thanks to the interested folks who attended, and asked great questions regarding both power and water meters and their inter-relations within the worldwide smart grid. All are relieved to know water meters won’t burn down your house!

Not so relieved that they will likely raise your bill a good bit (many U.S. cases, in small and large towns, both, even to 1000%, without recourse in most cases.)

Everyone was also concerned/ shocked to learn that smart power meters are rapidly springing up on walls throughout Mt. Shasta, and nearby areas. (and darn close to city hall, reportedly, btw, though recently City Council expressed surprise at the idea of any existing in the city limits…) And Pacific Power is being seen all over the extended area. (Weed/Shastina are getting hammered).

. . . Check your wall meter . . . if it is new or digital, it is smart and check our blog and the film to find out your rights around power meters pre- and post-installation/how to legally remove them if already installed.

Share info with your landlord, whose insurance, and your renters insurance, are at risk. Insurance companies are bailing due to a number of power meter fires, and many people are then on their own to sue power company, metro utilities, and so on, (also for health issues associated with smart meters: the medical insurance industry is seeing billions coming up related to RF stuff and backing out of touching it).
Landlord/homeowner awareness could get a lot of these things outta here fast!
Multi-apartment folks can also provide info to owners and managers, and insist/assist.
And the more you learn about power meters, the more you will learn about all of what the whole grid means.
Including the water system parts.

See James at Couch Critics or the Mt. Shasta Library for the very interesting facts filmed by a regular guy, Josh del Sol, who just couldn’t believe all he was hearing and seeing, and went to find out the truth about it.  His documentary has received some great awards, for good reason.  For example, the Google CEO is . . . enlightening . . .

Thank Mt. Shasta Library and Couch Critics for carrying it, and being willing to learn, too.
And encourage them to:
Not install at the library (planned soon)!!! and to get the one off the Couch Critics building!
Nice to have access to these books and films, sans the additional ill effects, and for their employees and patrons to be safe.

We will create a showing upon request, anywhere, small or large groups. Popcorn could be included!
blessings . . .

To arrange a showing, you can contact sharedinterests@earthlink.net (you will get a spam permission response, and then I will respond).
or visit www.siskiyoukeepsanalogmeters.wordpress.com/

If you have gotten a power meter/know about one on home or business, in or out of city limits, please let us know your name/the address, please, via a private email, rather than a response here. We will not post your name, anywhere!   We are our own media, we need to track these things.

If you don’t know why you need to know … ASK or Read, and Watch!