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“Hope this helps clarify some of the serious problems with these meters. I am going with the people who seem to have no vested interest in lying to us (57 counties, cities or towns have passed some sort of ban or resolution to halt the installations of these meters in California. ”

In regards to a private letter opinion, I disagree with, “I believe this would be acceptable technology.”
From all the research I have done so far, including watching the award wining documentary, Take Back Your Power, I agree with the following experts who don’t appear to have any vested interest and are not on the industry payroll.

1) According to “real world assessment” Smart Meters and their equivalents are not producing any savings whatsoever. Pilot Smart Meter programs do not save energy what so ever. According to Lisa Madigan, Illinois Attorney General says, “The utilities have shown no evidence of billions of dollars of benefits to consumers from these new meters, but they have shown they know how to profit. I think the only question is: How dumb do they think we are?”
2) Homeowners and residents can no longer self monitor their own water usage as would be possible with the analog meters. Thus, it makes it harder for folks who have seen their utility bills rise, to challenge the utility companies. Utility bills have risen across the country. San Diego Gas and Electric customer’s bills show what the Utilities don’t want YOU to know. On the average a 50% increase after installation of smart meter technology. And some unfortunate folks in the film, Take Back Your Power had their bills rise by 2 to 3 times. In the film it showed, 1500 folks in California complained that their electricity bill went way up? My aunt had her power analog meter changed out and before she even knew that occurred (they just went in without her permission or knowledge) she wondered why her power bills rose noticeably? This same story is all over the worldwide net.

3) Citizens across the “Smart meters are NOT green. the manufacturing and operation of millions of power-consuming “smart” meters and data centers to store your private info is increasing carbon and microwave pollution. No power decrease can be independently attributed to “smart” meters.” ~

4) According to CIA Director James Woolsey he said, “The so-called Smart Grid, which is as vulnerable as we get, is a really, really stupid grid.” His concerns are that hackers can break into the systems and turn off large grid systems and that is really, really dangerous. My concern is you may have a neighbor who may be able to do the same thing and monkey with your digital readings. Too much centralized power in the hands of a few, at the federal, state or even at a hackers level.

5) In response to R’s comments about exposure levels here is some great input:

Q: My utility says “smart” meters emit less than my cell phone or WiFi. Is this true?

In some cases this is true, and in some cases not true. The figures for RF exposure given by utilities are time-averaged numbers which hide the peak power of the “smart” meter, and disguise the fairly continuous nature of the pulses. “Smart” meters are unlike cell phones or WiFi in their bizarre pattern of sharp spikes of RF.

Both of those consumer devices (cell phones and WiFi) can be strong RF emitters. But people are becoming increasingly aware of the potential harm done by chronic exposure to RF radiation-emitting devices and are taking steps to change how they use them. Growing public awareness of RF exposure has led people to choose a wired internet connection or use a wired phone at home. But most people are not offered a wired “smart” meter. And you can’t turn it off once it’s installed.

A “smart” meter is a device you cannot turn off or move, so your exposure to this source of RF is out of your control. The rate and intensity of the RF radiation is also not under your control, and we are coming to learn, it is not under the utility’s control. Recent information “off the record” from PG&E confirms our suspicion that at least 90% of the RF emitted by the “smart” meters is NOT transmitting your electrical usage data, but is part of the “mesh network” talking to itself, and includes a lot of redundant “chatter” between your meter and other meters. This is for the convenience of your utility, and its effects on you (and other living things) apparently were not even considered when they were designing the mesh network.

6) There is so much more that is documented but I will leave you all with the request to watch the most recent leading film on this subject, Take Back Your Power. You can watch significant clips from the film at:
Note: I am not sure where the water meters will be placed (on the side of the house or down underground, but if it is connected to the wiring systems in the house, it may produce what is called “dirty electricity”. Apparently every digital meter (power, gas and water) has this “switch mode power supply” and it creates bursts and spiking within the wiring system of the house.

[Admin3: This is very good material AND does not even start to take up the greater reasons for having us all on the grid.   It is being made sure we are stuck in just trying to help people differentiate the meters and understand radiation effects. Let us get a little grip on the meters, and quickly move beyond that to the overall security, privacy and freedom issues. The confusion is made to slow you down, so you miss the whole deal before you know it happened to you. Please watch the movie, this is not hearsay.
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We can change this, only if we are willing and wanting to remain free.

Let go the imaginary city and world boundaries, and work with everyone to accomplish this. “Freedom is not given, it is taken.” ]