Please Understand That This “Meter” Issue Goes Far, Far Beyond Health Concerns
This stronger statement comes from one author, who takes full responsibility for its tone.
Others may or may not approve, for which I apologize. Time grows short, and I witness a lot of lethargy,withf which we can all
fail miserably in the pursuit of happiness!It is not our/my desire to frighten, but to truly inform and to work together
most joyfully, based on belief in good prevailing in the long term, and successes of (active enough) groups/ communities around the globe.
As one author accurately state, if everyone gave a few mins here and there, and others called to do so a bit more, everything would work just fine, and that is a lot more true to what is likely to occur/be possible for people.

We must come to know this is more than whether you care abou tbeing radiated 24/7.
Lots of folks think that is just fine, actually. /.. because there is a lack of understanding about the
real purposes of the instruments, your smart apliances, and so forth.
Also, there is little understandig of power bills increasing by up to a thousand percent, with the Grid.
Also already happenig.
It tears me to speak these things, but can I hide them from you and still serve you? Not unless I want to see you blind-sided.
Many of you are older like myself. We care about the environment, and the next generations and nature. We can “hop to it!”, as my mother would have said! It is not your genearl petition on save the—fill in the blanks. It is now and it entails all we know and have.

A total takeover of health and privacy must be prevented, by everyone, now, worldwide.
It is already largely in place! And while we sit at Starbucks and watch football, life as we knew and want it is dissolving fast.
It is not paranoia, it is fact, in progress–and rapidly–as stated by the very military and government of this former “Land of the Free.
This is not aimed at a country with whom we are at war, but at us and at the whole world.
You have kids, pets, and your own life and interests… Try and keep them, and a planet to have them on.

Please watch Take Back Your Power, right now.

and also this free 3 min pc.! on Who is Watching You, How and Why

“What makes the government think they can usher us into a totalitarian state?”
Foster Gamble, creator of Thrive
They observe and count on our passivity and blind trust!:
Being uninterested and uneducated, gullible to Pacific Power’s varying tales, and trusting local leaders who also refuse to get informed and then make decisions for us, and the water utilities/meters (surveillance instruments) headed for Mt. Shasta shortly, and others making money on this grid. I would like to see a show of hands of coucil members in our area cities who have taken on responsibility to self and community by understanding these great and imminent issues over the past years as their constituents have taken the responsibility to a degree. Sad to call that Leadership. Thanks to those who have, by the way, done so, and supported at least weak protections in MS City. Let’s just rely on tender loving care from PP, Crystal Geyser, and the US??
Hitler took over one country in 3 days, no bloodshed.
People did not see it coming, not even the tanks..
.Let’s not get rolled over ‘ cuz we are just
too…Whatever…to stand up for our privacy, health, and safety. All the help you need is right here, and in our links.
There are great successes, worldwide.
Let’s have one here in the Mt. Shasta region/Siskiyou. Please Follow and stay with us till our rights
are actually real, and our lives are our own. We can do it together, with love for all humanity and nature. We must do it Now.
The grid is being built while we play, party, work, watch irrelevan movies, ignore it out of fear or ignorance, and sleep.
It does not get distracted.
Let’s Wake Up, and reclaim all that is dear to us as people with choice. I love you dearly, and wish you happy, persistent Presence in saying No, thanks! as often as necessary.