This information was forwarded to me by a Siskiyou County resident:

Recently a friend told me she called Pacific Power and spoke to a PP representative named Kristy [the ‘Metering Manager’ — Admin22] who told her that, “analog meters are on their way out.”  This is not what Kristy told me when I called; she said “we will only replace your analog meter if there are safety concerns regarding meter readers (such as difficult access or dogs) and that they would notify the customer first.” 

She also told my friend that, “there is no opting out on the non-transmitting meters.”  She didn’t tell me this.  Pacific Power’s responses seem to change from caller to caller. In the film, Take Back Your Power, they spoke about the problem with the switched mode power supply, which creates dirty electricity throughout your home, and apparently even the non-transmitting meters have this feature [switched mode power supply] built into them also.  Please see this post from:

What about ‘digital’ meters that don’t contain radio transmitters? Utilities, in responding to a medical complaint, sometimes offer to install a “non-transmitting digital meter” such as the Centron meter by Itron.  Don’t be fooled.  There is a reason the utility is offering you this instead of the safe and time-tested analog meter.  These digital meters are just another kind of ‘smart meter’.  They can make you sick too because of the ‘switched mode power supply’ they contain, and they also invade your privacy.  The only difference is your data may be downloaded monthly by a meter reader using the optical port on the face of the meter.

It is important to keep our eyes on the ball here.  Pacific Power is saying conflicting things to people who call.  Please post what Pacific Power said to you in the comments. We have to keep each other informed of how many different versions they are saying to different people.

The key thing to remember is that they are telling you their policy.  It is not the law, and considering that conflicting statements can’t all be true, it is not the truth.  We can and will pursue our rights here: public health, private property, and privacy are all key.