Neil Cohen has generously given permission to at times sharesome of his own materials here.Thanks to him for all the work he has done for such causes in our area!

He stated to me in his allowance that in no way does he mean to suggest we begin personal implementation of EMF meter shielding technologies without full, appropriate professional service assessment of individual situations AND then following what are very specific, important steps so it is actually assisting us.

As always, please note our blog’s full disclaimer, and be advised accordingly: Your decisions and actions are your own responsibility. The providers of the blog info intend these posts for educational purposes and do not endorse or guarantee services or products/links mentioned herein.

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Friends, do me a favor…please don’t be one of those people who say: "I don’t feel any bad effects from my wireless modem or cell phone." Nobody consciously monitors or assesses the biological responses taking place in their bodies on a cellular level! Whether you feel the effects of the wireless or not, has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that the radiation is detrimental to the health of all people!

Even if you don’t read this article, please just read the few paragraphs below, it will tell you all you need to know:

Can you imagine the horror of having 10 miscarriages? All the time you have to hold it together as you are teaching your classes, carrying on your health practice and being a loving wife.

Our next guest (excerpt from an interview Neil did) lived this nightmare until she realized what was causing the problem. Her exposure to EMF radiation in her home environment was pushing her over the edge. Even with her wonderful diet and strong immune system, she couldn’t bring a baby to term.

Until she and her husband moved and cleaned up the dirty electricity getting rid of their so called "smart’ meter, cordless phone and WiFi. Now they are a happy family with three healthy children.

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