You can stream Take Back Your Power for $4.95 here, or buy the DVD for $19.95 here.   The money is a small thanks for all the work that went into making this documentary and giving us all the tools and information to make a difference on this.

Your most effective steps are:

  • Learn a bit,
  • Opt Out correctly with indicated paperwork and calls,
  • Share to inform others, and …

    Frequently, joyfully, affirm that the highest Good for all Life inevitably and invariably prevails, and hang out in that feeling often! Say it, sing it, chant it … That may be the single most powerful thing anyone can do.

There are many resources online and on YouTube that speak about the grid and every other related thing.
If you are new, you may just like to see our site/Follow it, and see this one movie. It is a very big topic, and mainly, we just need to be informed enough to know we don’t want to opt in in any way we can avoid.

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Again, updated long OPT-OUT docs for owners or landlords will be downloadable soon, with more info already filled in for local use.
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Healthy, Happy New Year!