It appears that it may be helpful to provide the names of the various officials that must be filled in on the long/most protection-to-you Opt-Out form. It takes some research, so watch for it to appear here within a few days. You may have already done it yourself, or simply mailed in the short form.

Ideally, you want the long form with the appropriate legal language sent out to these several agencies. Your power company and your local governments are taking no or little responsibility for your health, often denying risks of these classified class 2 carcinogens, despite all scientific documentation.
Simple fact: The Power companies get commissions to place meters, see the post on the $11 million provided just for that in the US and $40+ Million in Europe. There is a much larger agenda of the worldwide grid, and our health is not part of it.

We are the only ones who can do anything to prevent these meters be installed in our homes,

and working as friends, co-workers, employers, and neighbors to educate one another is another important part, as well. If you opt out, and your neighbors and employers don’t, you, your children, elders and pets and gardens!- are still living 24/7 in the radiation field–maybe it is time to get better acquainted and cooperate on some important common ground.

Anyone, anywhere can find/Google info in any most languages. Do not be deceived by the statements these are AMR/AMI’s, not smart meters. It is just that naivete, and refusal to become educated, that will allow it to go forward. They Are All smart meters. Please see Why, top of page, and picture posts of meter types. They are also planned for our water supplies . . . please see today’s post about that in Mt. Shasta City area. The drought is the perfect excuse, and some grants requiring them to be installed with an extremely short deadline for public comment, to add yet a second smart meter to our homes.

You will find the new long opt-out version here soon.  It will be info for our locale, Weed, Mt. Shasta, etc.  Those of you in other locations will need to research the names, via the Public Utilities Committee, and so on, as time-wise I cannot provide it for all areas.

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We follow in the steps of those millions who have created successes in their areas (see Successes!).  We can also lead people and nature across the Earth to live more safely.

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About ethical issues and rights, and having made the efforts for restoring the balance, too, a Great One said:

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. — Mahatma Gandhi

May health, respect, and choice prevail, through our peaceful actions.