This is a 45-minute must-see interview. The doctor gives you a crash course in smart meters, EMF’s and how we can protect our health and our families’ health. Dr. Klinghardt is gold! He runs an institute in Seattle, Washington where half of his patients have been diagnosed with autism, the other half have chronic diseases caused by over-exposure to electromagnetic fields. He has had great successes with treating his patients. He is a doctor with conscience and has empowering information on how we can take back our health and our right to live in healthy and safe environments.

Also encourage you to watch the documentary, Take Back Your Power. It is a game changer, it has the ability to open minds and hearts. It is also a 10!  You can stream it or buy the DVD to share with neighbors and friends.  Here is the link to the updated trailer.

P.S. Most people don’t even know if their analog meters have been changed out with smart meters. You may be one of them. For more info go to: Which meter do I have?