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At the bottom of this post is the meter Resolution of the Mt. Shasta City Council in January 2012.   Please let us know (via comments or the ‘Contact Us’ page), dates and times for any City Council meetings where we should all attend and testify.

A few points:

  •  Many of the other 57 local governments in California which have stopped smart meters have stronger protections than we do.  The current Resolution is only until an opt-out plan is in place.  We need to encourage the City Council to keep analog meters and pursue removing existing smart meters, as a danger to public health.
  • Please share the existing Resolution to all that are concerned and have them attach it to their Opt Out letters to Pacific Power.  A link to download and print the Resolution is at the bottom of this post.
  • Notice the Resolution says Smart Meter and/or its equivalent. They would not say AMR, which was pressed for, however I do believe “the equivalent” wording will cover AMRs.  Perhaps we can get improved wording in an updated resolution.

Also, friends send your Opt Out letters (click here) via certified mail to Pacific Power so that you will get a notice back and then do keep that notice.

Here is the Mt. Shasta City Council 2012 Resolution.

Final 2012 Mt. Shasta Resolution_ part 1 of 2Final 2012 Mt. Shasta Resolution_ part 2 of 2

You can click the red link if you want to download the Resolution as a pdf, easy to print and attach to your letter to Pacific Power.