January 4, 2015 Update, via stopsmartmeters.org  [from Admin2]
This update is an excerpt from a long article.  The writer is obviously quite upset and she well should be, considering how all the citizens who spoke up and showed up against smart meters at the CPUC were treated and intimidated by police/security.  Click the article title if you want to read the entire article with photos.

Peevey Farewell Love Fest Disrupted by Smart Meter Protests

After lunch, without any debate or discussion apart from the usual platitudes, the commission approved a plan to charge every California customer of an investor owned utility who uses an analog (rather than a “smart” meter) to measure gas or electricity $75 and $10/ month ($10 and $5/ month for low income).   Those living with a bank of meters on their wall, businesses and communities as a whole would not be allowed to “opt out” at all, and even those with letters from their doctors and diagnoses of electro-hyper-sensitivity would not be permitted to retain basic utility service without paying the “opt out” charges if this decision is allowed to stand.”

December 19, 2014 Update:  this hearing was yesterday.  Will update soon with a new post to let you know what happened there.  In the meantime, please check out this excellent blog which details online and in-person spying by PG&E into a Marin consumer watchdog group, the Ecological Options Network, which resulted in a $390,000 fine against PG&E.  We need to know what is at stake here.  If you look to the right of their article, you will see their excellent list of recent informative articles.   ~ Admin22

ORIGINAL POST from 12/02/14

Thanks, Admin2, for the info below.   Before December 18, please consider a quick call or email to let the CPUC know:

  • You want to be able to opt-out
  • You don’t want to be charged for it
  • You want commissioners on the PUC who care about Public Health and Private Property

What if we each did that?  We can stand and be counted.
The email addresses appear below.

Via Admin2:  Please see EON’s important message below and go to this link and see what you can do by December 18th to help persuade the CPUC not to allow energy companies to charge for “Opting Out”.
EON wants us to know that making us pay to opt out is like a protection racket, where you pay a mobster not to hurt you.  But at least opting out is clearly on the table.

Ecological Options Network (EON) Comments on CPUC Opt-Out Decisions
“As an intervening ‘party’ in this Proceeding, EON filed its comments on the Proposed Decisions last Tuesday. You can download a PDF of our filing here.

Links to the Proposed Decisions are here:
ALJ Amy Yip-Kikugawa’s Proposed Decision
Michael Peevey’s Alternate Proposed Decision

You might like to let them know what you think in an e-mail: ALJ Yip-Kikugawa and Commissioner Peevey’s advisor Manisha Lakhanpal.

You can also lobby the Commissioners: Mike Florio / Catharine Sandoval / President Michael Peevey / Carla Peterman / Michael Picker

Please plan to attend on Thursday, December 18, 2014, 9 am at 505 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco. That will be President Peevey’s last day on the Commission.”

Thanks, each of you who can do your part about this.