Hi Folks, here is the original post that was on the Lake Shastina blog, originally posted Nov. 21st.

Here in Siskiyou County, Pacific Power has started installing a new type of power meter, without permission, when people are not home. People have not been notified, or given the opportunity to say no, first. This is an Automated Meter Reading/Radio Frequency meter (AMR/RF), which Pacific Power claims is not identical to Smart Meters. But AMR/RF meters have been identified as Smart Meters by consumer advocates, such as www.stopsmartmeters.org.

Smart meters use the same wavelengths as a cell phone (admitted by the cell phone industry to cause cancer, known to cause brain damage). In previous installations, most houses have a smaller unit, that one is ‘only’ 300 times the power of a cell phone.

Every so many houses (20, 50?) there could be a repeater; those units are 500 times the power of a cell phone. Some meters which claim to only broadcast a high energy spike every 4 hours have been measured as producing that spike 700 times as often. Some brands spike 10,000 times a day, and one model was recorded to spike 190,000 times a day. Also the power industry has been caught averaging the microsecond of a spike with the other 999,999 microseconds of non-spike, to claim that power levels are low. This and much more scientifically measured data is available at:


Perhaps Pacific Power is intending to bypass the huge customer backlash experienced by Pacific Gas & Electric, by telling us these are not smart meters. Did they really think we wouldn’t notice? Even if this AMR/RF meter is not as bad, why the rush, why not let us know in advance what they plan, why not notify us in advance of a way to opt-out?

Don’t you want to be able to ask some questions before any similar meter is installed at your house? The health consequences are just beginning to be proved. The World Health Organization (UN Health agency) has identified this type of RF signal as a Class IIb carcinogen.

Those at greatest risk are elders, the infirm, your children and grandchildren, and pets. In my previous location, the smart meter was installed while I was away. When I returned, my two cats vomited many times a day for 6 days. They also got very pink bellies, and masses of skin lesions along the lower half of the spine. It took me a long time to find out about the smart meter, because I had not been there when it was installed. But the proof is in the pudding: when we moved, the lesions immediately went away. When we moved to a house with an analog meter, the pink bellies and skin lesions disappeared in 24 hours. That was very weird, because the lesions looked like an ordinary scab, which does not disappear that quickly.

Though Pacific Power claims that they are only replacing meters that are broken, I know at least one meter was replaced that was not broken.

Please consider opting out now, there is plenty of time to change your mind, later, but those meters are very hard to get uninstalled once in. In one case, a customer was told that the meter had been made safe, then the identical RF and EMF fields were measured; she was just plain lied to.

The opt-out phone number with Pacific Power is: 888-221-7070 and ask for Kristy (her last name was not given), Metering Manager, in the Portland office. That number is answered 24/7, so please don’t wait to call, leave a message for Kristy if necessary.

See www.stopsmartmeters.org for helpful info, FAQs and recent articles.