Bogus Math = Health Risks Hidden


What’s wrong with this picture?  It is full of lies.

Click for enlarged image.

Click for enlarged image.

Please bear with the math, you’re going to see how it can be used to inform you or confuse you, and how to tell which one is being done.  The problem is the smart meter exposure could be as much as 30,000 times higher than shown there.  HUH?  Read the fine print at the single asterisk on the bottom of the chart.  The smart meter signal has been averaged over 30 minutes.  A common spike of microwave radiation from a smart meter is 4 milliseconds (4 thousandths of a second).  The chart does not tell how many spikes were measured, but a low-count smart meter of 740 times a day and a high-count smart meter of 10,000 times a day are used here for comparison.  Some meters are broadcasting that microwave radiation as much as 190,000 times a day.  [Results are rounded to even numbers.]

The signal strength of the smart meter when it is broadcasting is the crucial point.  It’s not right to average in a whole lot of time when it isn’t broadcasting, and use that lack-of-signal time to make the signal strength look unnaturally low, and claim that it is safe.

If a Honda Civic weighing 2500 lbs
ran over your foot for one second,
that = 2500 lbs per second.
Let’s say you averaged that over 30 minutes:
30 minutes x 60 seconds = 1800 seconds.
2500 lbs divided by 1800 seconds
= 1.4 lbs per second
But if that Honda Civic ran over your foot
for one second, it wouldn’t matter how many
other seconds you averaged it with.
During that one second,
your foot is crushed by 2500 lbs, not 1.4 lbs.

All we’re going to do with this math, is remove from the average the time when there is no smart meter signal, just like you would not count all the time the Civic is nowhere near your foot.  For these equations, you can skip to the colored print, the result.

So in the chart at top:
30 minutes x 60 seconds, x 1 thousand milliseconds
= 1.8 MILLION milliseconds are used to average the signals (30 minutes).
Divide 1.8 million milliseconds by 832 milliseconds, (for the high-count smart meter, because there are 4 milliseconds of signal, x 208 spikes in 30 minutes, for the high-count meter)
= 2,000 times more microwave radiation than they claim.
Divide 1.8 million milliseconds by 60 milliseconds, (for the low-count smart meter, because there are 4 milliseconds of signal, x 15 spikes in 30 minutes, for the low-count meter)
= 30,000 times more microwave radiation than they claim.

During the actual spike of its signal,
(like when the Civic runs over your foot),
what the smart meter puts out
= as much as 30,000 times the microwave radiation shown on this bogus math chart.

The effects of smart meter signals on our brains do not happen on an average, they happen in 4 milliseconds, and that damage adds up.  But some bogus math chart can average it out and tell you that you are only getting 30,000 times less microwave radiation, and they won’t add that the damage is happening 740 times a day or more.

A couple of other things to watch out for:

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Updated Power Opt Out Almost Ready …


Hi Friends/Followers. It is the 14th of March, and we are updating the Power Meter Opt Out form. Kindly hold up on use till you hear from us again, we are doing more of the fill-in work to assist your paperwork filing.  Thanks for the patience, the interest, and the Action! When the forms are ready, we will update this post, and the OPT OUT NOW link on the top menu.  [Almost there, 03.23.15 ~ Admin 3]

Free Access to Take Back Your Power film/Help Track Local Meter Installations

James at Couch Critics has kindly accepted a DVD of Take Back Your Power.

He will feature a display upfront in an area of the store for the free rentals like this, Blue Gold, (get the scoop on water/meters) GMO’s, and other currently critical documentaries.

A DVD has also been given to the Mt. Shasta Library.
Big Thanks to organizers and the library Friend whose volunteer time helped make possible the well-attended screening last eve.  [and big thanks to Admins 2 and 3 who bought the DVDs and are showing and sharing them ~Admin 22]

Thanks to the interested folks who attended, and asked great questions regarding both power and water meters and their inter-relations within the worldwide smart grid. All are relieved to know water meters won’t burn down your house!

Not so relieved that they will likely raise your bill a good bit (many U.S. cases, in small and large towns, both, even to 1000%, without recourse in most cases.)

Everyone was also concerned/ shocked to learn that smart power meters are rapidly springing up on walls throughout Mt. Shasta, and nearby areas. (and darn close to city hall, reportedly, btw, though recently City Council expressed surprise at the idea of any existing in the city limits…) And Pacific Power is being seen all over the extended area. (Weed/Shastina are getting hammered).

. . . Check your wall meter . . . if it is new or digital, it is smart and check our blog and the film to find out your rights around power meters pre- and post-installation/how to legally remove them if already installed.

Share info with your landlord, whose insurance, and your renters insurance, are at risk. Insurance companies are bailing due to a number of power meter fires, and many people are then on their own to sue power company, metro utilities, and so on, (also for health issues associated with smart meters: the medical insurance industry is seeing billions coming up related to RF stuff and backing out of touching it).
Landlord/homeowner awareness could get a lot of these things outta here fast!
Multi-apartment folks can also provide info to owners and managers, and insist/assist.
And the more you learn about power meters, the more you will learn about all of what the whole grid means.
Including the water system parts.

See James at Couch Critics or the Mt. Shasta Library for the very interesting facts filmed by a regular guy, Josh del Sol, who just couldn’t believe all he was hearing and seeing, and went to find out the truth about it.  His documentary has received some great awards, for good reason.  For example, the Google CEO is . . . enlightening . . .

Thank Mt. Shasta Library and Couch Critics for carrying it, and being willing to learn, too.
And encourage them to:
Not install at the library (planned soon)!!! and to get the one off the Couch Critics building!
Nice to have access to these books and films, sans the additional ill effects, and for their employees and patrons to be safe.

We will create a showing upon request, anywhere, small or large groups. Popcorn could be included!
blessings . . .

To arrange a showing, you can contact (you will get a spam permission response, and then I will respond).
or visit

If you have gotten a power meter/know about one on home or business, in or out of city limits, please let us know your name/the address, please, via a private email, rather than a response here. We will not post your name, anywhere!   We are our own media, we need to track these things.

If you don’t know why you need to know … ASK or Read, and Watch!

Screening Take Back Your Power at Mt. Shasta Library 03.11.15

Film Take Back Your Power covers most of the aspects and concerns about meters themselves and the myriad surrounding issues: privacy, higher bills, health risks and unsafe mechanisms . . .
Mt. Shasta Library Wed 3.11.15 at 6:30 PM.  Call to verify time. Q and A before and afterward.
This is a worldwide issue, for power, water and gas customers.

Become informed before every aspect of your life gets surveillance 24/7 thru the Grid, which consists of power, water and gas meters, cell and Haarp towers, and so forth.

See our blog posts re film and for purchase.

Please contact for home or local showings, also DVD purchases, also to be on our occasional emails.

There is a drought prep mtg Tuesday March 10th, given by MS Mayor and colleagues, relevant to all people in drought areas, both for the info itself and because we will all face potential metering, as is going on in MS, on and off wells.
Call Mt. Shasta city hall for details.

MS City Water Meter Opt Out Interest Forms Available Mt. Shasta

For MS residents

Sign up sheets for exploring the Opt Out Choice on RF Water Meters are now available at: Soul Connections, The Crystal Room at Couch Critics, or below. Please attend the March 9th City Council Meeting at 5:30 pm. since this discussion is listed as Agenda Item #7. Our input is important before the water meter purchase is complete. This may be our last chance to request an Opt Out Choice. Please feel free to forward to your individual email lists.

Re: Water Meter Opt Out Choice

We, the undersigned business owners, property owners, residents living in the City of Mt. Shasta (within city limits), and anyone receiving a water bill from the City of Mt. Shasta, have been informed that the Mount Shasta City Council will discuss an opt-out program for the water meter installation project for the first time publicly on its Agenda on Monday March 9th, 2015 at 5:30pm.

Assemblyman Brian Dahle writes in Mt Shasta Herald: Technology and Privacy

Please save this date: Monday January 26, 2015, for the next meeting of Mt. Shasta City Council, 5:30 PM.  There will be discussion of the choice of smart water meters.

Once data is gathered, how do you protect it, and protect our privacy?  Metering water should be about paying what we owe, and conservation and wise use, not tracking our private lives and exposing us to commercial and criminal uses of that data. 

Remember, protecting the privacy of your digital life isn’t just about what you do on the computer, it includes all data gathered on you from digital sources, like smart water meters, smart electrical meters, smart phones, computers, TVs, smart thermostats, and smart appliances.

The so-called ‘opt-out water meter’ for Mt. Shasta is not analog, it’s just another type of smart meter.  Even some of the meters that look analog, with odometer-style dials, are smart meters.

One thing the smart water meters could do is to show a hacker which homes are weekend and vacation homes, and which are occupied year round, as well as reveal or track many private acts. How often do you flush your toilet in the middle of the night, or take a shower? Who’s watching? Your smart water meter is built to do that.

The recently formed California Assembly Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection wants to protect us from privacy-invading data gathering.

Mt.Shasta residents and businesses with smart water meters would be forced, in violation of constitutional rights against unreasonable search and seizure, to give agencies access to lifestyle data without a warrant. 

You have a well?  The City Council said, ‘Yes, we are going to meter Crystal Geyser’. By implication, people with wells will be metered. This is part of the 2025 mandate by which California will regulate groundwater, as many other states already do.

We were heartened to see Assembylman Dahle’s recent article, which highlights some of these concerns.

[Emphasis in blue in the article is added by Admin.]

Consumers aren’t just consumers anymore. They are also the product.

Today’s technology provides astounding information at the swipe of a finger.

In the market for a car? You can search dozens of dealerships at once for the paint color and price you like best. Google Maps will give you detailed directions to the dealership in a strange town. Yelp will inform you of the neighborhood’s favorite spot for lunch. Facebook will connect you to the old friend who happens to be in town the same day. Accuweather will give you the hour-by-hour forecast so you know to leave early and avoid the rainstorm.

But information flows both ways. The networks that feed us so much vital information are also watching us, tracking where we go, what we buy, who we see and what we eat. Those digital profiles are then fed into ever more sophisticated databases that are bought and sold like cattle at the auction yard. Your search history, reading habits, shopping profile – they’re all for sale to the right bidder.

In some respects, this isn’t new or even a threat. Mailing lists have been around for decades – which is why one subscription to a dog magazine brings five catalogs for collars, chew toys and veterinary services. But the sheer volume of data being compiled about every one of us is unprecedented. Continue reading

Not Harmless: More About Smart Water Meters for Mt. Shasta

All the water flowing through these proposed meters is either exposed to RF frequencies, an EMF field, a magnetic field, an ultrasound field generator, or some combination of these.  What will that do to the quality of our precious mountain water?  Do we really want to sit back and let this happen?  To our water?

There were seven possible smart meters at the Mt. Shasta City Council meeting on January 12, 2015.  We’ve been wading through lots of manufacturers’ documentation, which is singularly uninformative about public health and safety.  Finally this Neptune model came up on a search with more detailed specs, thanks to the excellent work at Fairfield Safe Meters. Continue reading

Environmental Consideration of Mt. Shasta Smart Water Meters? Not Exactly . . .

A community member just sent us this comment:

How can the environmental review process be completed in time for the proposed schedule?
The City has not yet even announced the availability of the ‘Initial Study / Mitigated Negative Declaration’ that its engineers are proposing be prepared and circulated for public review.
That will take several months at least, once a Notice of Preparation is circulated, to complete, and likely even more considering how controversial this issue might be. If the issue is elevated to requiring an EIR, then this Project’s environmental approval would take about 6 to 12 months at minimum.

That’s not even the half of it.  If you read the draft grant budget, it says that they have allocated only $1000 for “environmental documentation/mitigation”.  At the hourly rates they quote for every other part of this job ($60 to $188/hr), we could estimate that this would allow approximately 5 to 17 hours to review this entire project of smart water meters being installed in Mt. Shasta.  This is $1000 out of a $2.5 million grant.  That sure shows us what the priorities are.  If you read the fine print on the draft grant budget, that $1000 is apportioned to $500 for “project description”, and $500 to “prepare environmental document”.  So it really is only 2.5 to 8.5 hours for environmental consideration of this project.

The answer is: the review can’t be completed in time.  Mt. Shasta would lose the grant money for failing the schedule.   The draft grant budget shows a timeline of environmental documents to be complete in February: today it is only 43 days to the end of February.

Why is this being railroaded through so fast?

Please comment.